Saturday, October 31, 2009

Packing Raw Food and Inspiration

The websites say that the country has no organic food.  How can that be when most families are growing food in their own backyard?  The last time I was there this was the conversation with the hotel concierge:

"Do you have any restaurant recommendations?"

"Do you want Wild Game or Non-Wild Game?"

"Non-Wild Game please."

"Then I have the perfect recommendation for you."

(Take taxi to restaurant.  It was FULL of Wild Game - stuffed and hanging on walls, pelts (of what animals?) serving as seat cushions, and a menu of things I had never heard of - at least as a main course.)

Return to hotel and went back to concierge.

"How did you like the restaurant?"

"Well, we think we went to the wrong one.  We actually wanted the Non-Wild Game restaurant."

(Blank stare).  "But that is the one you were at?!!"

(Blank stare back).  "Really?"

This time I am preparing in advance and have started to assemble a little stash of food.

I have some Go Raw cookies, a variety of Larabars, a bag of organic raisins, a bag of trail mix (raw cashews, pistachios, walnuts, sunflower seeds, raisins, organic raw cacao nibs, and almonds), and ingredients for my "not-exactly-Georgian Snickers."  My other "must-have" items include a Klean Kanteen waterbottle (both for working out while on the road and getting water in the fountain (if need be) after passing through airport security) and my Pacsafe bag, which has already proven itself pick-pocket-safe!!

In addition to healthy food, I plan to bring with me a positive attitude and the intention to work out - both of which will be assisted by my new Lululemon gear.  At the recommendation of Angela at Oh She Glows, I purchased the Shape Jacket and received the bag as a gift. 

Lots of good advice, as you can see.  "Dance, Sing, Floss, and Travel."  Can't go wrong with that!!

Will soon let you know if I find any organics and / or Non-Wild Game.

In the meantime, Happy Halloween and (depending on where you are located) enjoy your extra hour of sleep! :-)


J.M.S. Robertson said...

SO funny! I have sustained myself on numerous short trips only with Lara Bars when I was afraid to eat food! Good thing you are bringing an assortment - cherry pie three meals a day gets old... Let me know how you like your new Lululemon. They had a shop in Houston but somehow I never checked it out, and now regret it.

Eatiing Raw Foods Info said...

That's a funny story. Travelling can be difficult when trying to eat raw. Hit a lot of stores that sell fresh produce along the way.

Travel Raw said...

J.M.S. Robertson and Eating Raw Foods, Thanks for your comments. I'll keep you posted on what I find along the way...and how I like my Lululemon jacket! So far, so good! :)