Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Attention Holiday Eaters!!!

I interrupt this workweek, to bring you a special announcement. 

Are you a “Holiday-Eve” shopper?  Now is your chance to make a change – well in advance of any New Year’s Eve resolutions!

I recently purchased "Kristen Suzanne’s Easy Raw Vegan Holidays" un-cookbook.  I took her advice and tried making “I Can’t Believe It's Raw” Pumpkin Pie and “Oktoberfest Raw German Chocolate Brownies” in advance of the coming season.  In part, because I was skeptical.  Having never baked a pie, I was not sure I could “un-bake” one either!

The results. See for yourself.

Testimonials from my non-raw, non-vegan co-workers:

“Can I have a second piece?”

“Would you bring more tomorrow?”

“How can THIS possibly be made of THAT?”

I KNOW!!!!! 

My hat is off to you Kristen.  Your little genius has made for a lot of smiles…and the holidays have not yet even begun!


Kristen's Raw said...

AWESOME!!!! Thank you for sharing your experience. :)

Cheers XOXO,

Sandi said...

Call me still slightly skeptical, but I sure would be willing to try it!

J.M.S. Robertson said...

I've been meaning to get that book. We are total pumpkin pie freaks! I have merged a few different recipes and have created what I think is the best pumpkin pie (cooked version) ever! My husband actually had never tasted pumpkin pie before last year and now loves it. I'll give this raw one a go when we get re-settled! Soon the kitchen will be all packed up and out of here!

P.S. - The chia holiday pudding is good, too!

Anonymous said...

The desserts look great - I'll have to try them!