Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bulgaria: Dream House

I landed. I was jet lagged. I needed inspiration and some food!

First I encountered this...

Looking a little more closely....

I never pass up an opportunity to make a wish (even on an egg!)...especially when one can wish for health and happiness...wherever one is in the world.

With a little luck (and some help from Happy Cow), I found the Dream House right there in downtown Sofia. Behind the white plastic door...just like they said.

A place where "We Freely Speak Our Dreams."

I wanted one of everything on the menu, but I eventually decided on this:

Mint and lemon iced tea and Aubergine "Cous-co." So tasty!

Loved the menu - quote and all - "Eating is a necessity; eating intelligently - an art."

Art, dreams, wishes...thank you Bulgaria. Lovely to finally meet you.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shake Well Before Enjoying

It has been awhile since I bought juice from concentrate. Juice-on-the-go.

While I love picking up an eclectic assortment of things while traveling (and mixing to create new looks and environments), I am not sure that I want that logic applied to my morning drink.

Fresh juice from each country - sold separately - definitely preferred!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Armenia: Today We Have Really Lived

He raised his glass and toasted us in turn. "Today we have really lived," he said.

I looked around the table, and he was right. The youngest was four. The oldest seventy-four. I realized as we clinked glasses that everyone there had made a contribution that day.

We had celebrated accomplishments.

We had given thanks.

We had shared amazing, homemade food. (Unexpected special vegan dishes made just for me - because they are like that with their generosity.)

We had remembered people who had come before us - 5,000 years before.

How did they move those stones? A castle long-since destroyed.

What and why did they write messages?

Did they really live too?

Shouldn't we say this every day?...and not only in a land far, far away...