Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Habit or Ritual?

By habit I am a night owl and former junk-food junkie.  By ritual I am becoming a morning exerciser and raw vegan (far from 100%, but leaning in the direction of making better choices for my personal health and happiness).  As part of my morning ritual, I have been watching the sun come up - while drinking warm water with lemon (and even reading some blogs!). Not to mention that the process has helped me to get over jet lag this time around!  

It is easy to be grateful for the coming day when it starts like this.

How do you start your day when you want it to be a little extraordinary?


Sandi said...

Wow, getting up for sun rises--I'm impressed.

Travel Raw said...

Sandi, Yes, well, the sun is rising later these days! That also helps! :)