Thursday, September 17, 2009

Part II: Georgian Snickers

I was told that they ate them during the war.  (Not the August 2008 conflict with neighboring Russia, but World War II.)  I imagine soldiers in trenches with a reminder from home. Did that help somehow, or was it "just food?"  Hanging on strings, often for sale along the side of the road, they remind me of beef jerky – only a solid, chewy, vegan alternative.  

Made out of walnuts dipped in boiled grape skins, their Georgian name is Churchkhela, but even the Georgians call them “Georgian Snickers.”

Like dates, I was reluctant to try one.  

And also like dates, I found them to be surprisingly tasty.  

That gave me the idea to make my own version.  So, my first “raw recipe” is as follows:

Two medjool dates (pitted)

Handful of walnuts

Press the walnuts into the dates where the pit was and wrap the dates around.

Eat like Snickers.  (A much better alternative to a vending-machine-run in the afternoon).

Easy, nutritious, and brings back pleasant memories – not of war, but peace – and trying new things and adapting them to one’s own circumstances in a way that builds upon traditions and the goodness that others have to offer.


Girl on Raw said...

I am not big into dates, except as an ingredient in a bigger dish, but I think I might just have to try this!

Yash... said...

I love the recipe, and would like to try... However, my experience of churchkela and its regional analogs is that you have to have some major jaw power to get it down!