Saturday, September 19, 2009

Armenia, Juice, and Happiness

This country of 3 million people - bordered by Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Turkey - knows a thing or two about fresh fruit.  Their apricots, for one, are amazing.  The texture? Something like biting into a watermelon with apricot juice running down your arm.  

Speaking of watermelon, have you ever tried Fresh Watermelon Juice?  Me either.  Until today.

I am currently reading Helen Keller's autobiography and all I could think about as I sat in the outdoor cafe drinking my juice and watching the people go by was "What would a blind and deaf child think of Fresh Watermelon Juice?" I could only come to the conclusion that she would think it was something spectacular.  Spectacular all on its own - with maybe some breeze blowing through her hair.  

She would not even have to be told that watermelon is packed with antioxidants, high in vitamin C and beta-carotene, a good source of several B vitamins, and has no cholesterol and virtually no fat. She would just need to taste and determine how it made her FEEL on the inside.  And then she would ask for more.

I love juice bars of all kinds.  And more importantly, I love the smile.  I recommend finding a juice yourself today (wherever you are) and really tasting it - on the inside.

Cheers to your health and happiness!!


Anonymous said...

I just love this! It is happy thoughts to take one thru the day and I am looking to read more evn tho I still eat too many chocolate chip cookies!

Girl on Raw said...

Watermelon juice rocks. Such a simple taste but can bring a massive joy to your day. Your travels are enviable :)

Travel Raw said...

Anonymous and Girl on Raw, thanks for your kind comments and for reading! Today I had strawberry juice...also highly recommended. :-)

Yash... said...

Just reading about it I get thirsty!