Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mac Food: Share the Love

I LOVE my MacBook. He told me I would.  Of course, he reviewed all the features - the photos, the files, the virus protection, and the customer support.  But what sold me was when he said, "People who buy Macs LOVE them.  Have you ever heard someone say, 'I LOVE my [insert PC name here]?'"  I had to think about that one for awhile...but no, I had not.  Then he said, "Mac users recognize other Mac users when they see them.  It is a really nice, supportive community."  (I wasn't bargaining for all that, I just wanted a way to write papers and check email!). Of course, I was a little skeptical...

...until it happened.

I brought my purchase up to the counter and the cashier enthusiastically exclaimed, "Oh, you are getting a Mac! I LOVE my MacBook!"

Fast-forward two months and several countries away to the airport in Istanbul, Turkey.  As I was waiting for my flight, the guy at the next table asked, "Are you a Mac user?"  "Excuse me?," I replied.  "You look like a Mac user.  I can always tell," he said. (I still don't fully know what that means.)

So, I thought...there must be something to this after all.

I now find the same to be true of eating Raw and Vegan food.  Like Mac users, people who eat this way tend to LOVE their food and food choices.  They LOVE how it tastes, how it makes them feel, what it does for the animals and the environment, the effect it has on their health, and the list goes on.  On the other hand, you rarely hear people extolling the virtues of diets comprised mainly of "manufactured food products."  While they might like the immediate sugar high of pre-packaged food, they are not raving on to friends (and strangers) about how good they feel and how happy they are with their steady diet of highly-processed junk food.  

For example, I LOVED these sweet potato fries dipped in maple syrup. How often do you want to lick your plate for food that has no cholesterol, is high in fiber, low in sodium, and an excellent source of vitamin A?  Doesn't happen every day, unless you actively look for it and plan ahead.

Also like Mac users, I am starting to realize that you can spot people who are concerned with their health and the health of the planet. It shows in their skin, in their attitude, in their posture, in what they bring to the world. They may choose to do that by being Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, or just by making better food and health choices one day at a time. Regardless of HOW they do it, wouldn't it be nice for everyone to say I LOVE my life and share that with as many people as possible?


The Robertsons of Mumbai said...

Great post! You've also got me thinking about Macs. Seems like everyone is getting on the Mac bandwagon these days...

Travel Raw said...

J, Thanks. Still learning how to use it, but it has been fun!

Girl on Raw said...

I totally relate to this post on both topics. I went Mac this year (both laptop and iPhone) and OMG it just doesn't compare. EveryTHING is sooo intuitive and I totally agree on the whole raw thing too. Such a lovely post Travel Raw - but all of them are :D

PS I just want to put my hand in and grab one of those fries.

Travel Raw said...

Girl on Raw, you always make me smile. Thanks for your kind comments!