Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cheesecake on a Mission Meets Pizza with a Mission

I came for the cheesecake.  I heard it was THE BEST vegan cheesecake in town.  I don't particularly like cheesecake, but I LOVE the IDEA of cheesecake.  (My favorite place in all the world to eat cheesecake is Prague, but I digress.)  The friends, the laughter, the cafes, the simple pleasures...all of it, I have experienced at one time or another through cheesecake.  So, you can imagine that I was excited to try this vegan alternative.

Um, I don't think cheesecake is supposed to be white.  Am I wrong?  I gave it the benefit of the doubt, but no.  I mean, I still had the benefit of friendship, laughter, and fun surroundings, but it was not the cheesecake experience I was hoping for!

I also tried the pizza, mainly because it came with a Mission.  "Every time you order this pizza we will donate $1 to Second Harvest Heartland, Minnesota's largest hunger relief organization."  That works for me!  I tried the Vegan Second Harvest Heartland pizza - tomato sauce, daiya vegan cheese, organic roma tomatoes, garlic, and fresh organic basil.  It looked like this:

I think I would have liked it better without the "cheese," though it did come out looking beautiful.

So, for my first-ever attempt at "dining-out-vegan," there were mixed results.

This place came highly recommended per reviews at the online Happy Cow Compassionate Eating Guide.  I do admit that it had a fun vibe, really nice staff, and a cool philosophy.

But I really wanted my cheesecake to be yellow.  Who knew?  I am sure, however, that there are far more pressing ”Galactic” issues.


The Robertsons of Mumbai said...

Well, the pizza does look good! I think we are living copy-cat lives from a distance, as I had a piece of tofu cheesecake the other day (I normally don't eat soy and hate the taste of cheesecake, but thought that I would try it - it is so darn vegan-friendly here), but mine was not so hot, either...

Travel Raw said...

J, cool that you are finding vegan options to get excited about - despite "not-so-hot" cheesecake!