Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fresh, Organic, Vegan, Airport Food

He greeted me enthusiastically: HELLO, HOW ARE YOU???  Welcome to Philly.

Good.  How are you? Thank you, I replied (as I moved down the line to buy my veggie wrap at the airport counter.)

Him:  You are that famous actress, right?!!

Me:  Who? Me? (looking around). No, I am not famous.

Him:  Okay, maybe not FAMOUS, but you are on TV.  I watch you ALL THE TIME!

Me:  Really, no. It's not me. (At this point people in line are turning around to get a look at the "famous person" in their midst.)

His co-worker:  Leave her alone. She said she is not famous.

Him:  Well, she is not going to TELL us that she is famous.

Me:  Yes, yes, really I would, but unfortunately I am not.  I just want a veggie wrap. (But thank you for the compliment...I think).  I regret not asking him who he thought I was...Maybe I should have just given him an autograph and made his day! :)

My quest to find healthy airport food is usually not so exciting. Recently, however, I hit the jackpot.

Let me introduce you to French Meadow Bakery and Cafe at the Minneapolis International Airport in Minnesota, USA.  Not only did they carry organic salads and bottled juice drinks, but they had a variety of vegan treats.  

I tried the Vegan Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Bar (same price as regular Peanut Butter Bar) and have to say that it was FANTASTIC.

Other options included the Healthy Hemp Brownie, Vegan Carrot Cake, and Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Bar.

For dining in, or taking out.  

Of course, I had to eat mine on the go...

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Anonymous said...

there is a French Meadow bakery in Mpls. I bet they have the same vegan rice krispie bar and I am going to find out!